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GT Voice - Charter 2011

A network to foster excellence amongst all able, gifted and talented children and young people.

What is GT Voice?

GT Voice is a network open to all individuals and organisations with an interest in gifted and talented education in the UK. It is independent, not funded by central government and non-profit making.

Shared beliefs of those signing up to the Charter

  • The potential of G&T learners must be positively encouraged
  • All learners - including all G&T learners - have an equal right to inspiration, challenge and support to maximise their potential.
  • All learners - including all G&T learners - have an equal right to be confident, happy and fulfilled in who they are and to feel good about letting others see what they are capable of achieving
  • Effective G&T provision is essential for securing educational excellence, narrowing achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged learners, and supporting social mobility
  • Effective G&T education will make a valuable contribution to the overall quality of our education system, our economy and our international competitiveness

Why GT Voice was formed
GT Voice was established to enable the sector to work together to develop:

  • the significance and quality of gifted and talented identification, learning and support
  • networking within the G&T community including organisations involved in G&T learning, both nationally and internationally
  • improved access by G&T children and young people and their families to opportunities for learning, networking and support
  • positive dialogue and collaboration to share knowledge, evidence and experience including an annual 'G&T State of the Nation' survey
  • opportunities for members of the network to join together to strengthen advocacy of the need for an effective G&T strategy and provision across the UK and internationally

This is the first stage of the development of GT Voice. It was undertaken by ten individuals in the G&T sector who volunteered their time following two open workshops exploring the community's response to G&T.
Following discussion, members may decide at a later stage to extend the role and remit of the network to address other priorities, including advocacy for the needs of G&T learners, parents/carers and educators.
This Charter will be reviewed annually to ensure that it reflects the purpose of the network.

GT Voice is a response to the changes in government education policy and funding.  It seeks to build on past achievements; to ensure that existing expertise and resources are retained and to collaborate and offer mutual support.  It also wants to develop imaginative, network-led ways to share knowledge and experience; to ensure the development of cutting edge projects and to improve services and support for the benefit of all gifted and talented learners.

  • If you believe in the importance of inspiring excellence in our G&T learners.
  • If you want to be part of the network and help take a new strategy forward.

then sign up to become a network member of GT Voice and help improve provision for young G&T learners across the UK.  Click here to sign up and receive your free monthly newsletter

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