About Us

Why GT Voice was formed
GT Voice was established to enable the sector to work together to develop:

  • the significance and quality of gifted and talented identification, learning and support
  • networking within the G&T community including organisations involved in G&T learning, both nationally and internationally
  • improved access by G&T children and young people and their families to opportunities for learning, networking and support
  • positive dialogue and collaboration to share knowledge, evidence and experience including an annual ‘G&T State of the Nation’ survey
  • opportunities for members of the network to join together to strengthen advocacy of the need for an effective G&T strategy and provision across the UK and internationally

This is the first stage of the development of GT Voice. It was undertaken by ten individuals in the G&T sector who volunteered their time following two open workshops exploring the community’s response to G&T. Following discussion, members may decide at a later stage to extend the role and remit of the network to address other priorities, including advocacy for the needs of G&T learners, parents/carers and educators. This Charter will be reviewed annually to ensure that it reflects the purpose of the network.

GT Voice is a response to the changes in government education policy and funding. It seeks to build on past achievements; to ensure that existing expertise and resources are retained and to collaborate and offer mutual support. It also wants to develop imaginative, network-led ways to share knowledge and experience; to ensure the development of cutting edge projects and to improve services and support for the benefit of all gifted and talented learners.

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for details of draft constitution see here